Truly Wireless Earbuds: Cheaper Alternatives

If you tuned into one of my earlier articles about Samsung’s galaxy buds,  you remember that I also mention Apple and Bose. You would also remember that I mentioned that the prices for their earbuds averaged about $199. Even though these headphones are paving the way for hand-free technology, you should’nt have to pay so much for it. They all come with the same  tech, just a different aesthetic and brand name. However, they are not the only brands making truly wireless headphones. Here are some cheaper alternatives that you, the consumer can look into.

Skullcandy’s  Push


One cheaper alternative is Skullcandy’s Push truly wireless earbuds.  they come in two colors; psycho-tropical teal (as shown in the image above) and gray. These earbuds are water resistant, so even though it probably isn’t recommended, you can keep the tunes playing while showering. it shares the same capability of the other earbuds on the market, such as volume control play/pause etc. Other than the price being a selling point, these earbuds have gel-fit technology making it extremely comfortable and locking in all sound to the user. The price for these earbuds are $129,  however Skullcandy is currently selling them for $99. Compared to the top brands, your saving about $99 and getting the same if not better quality. For more information about the Push earbuds click here (

Pasonomi’s Wireless Earbuds


Pasonomi’s earbuds are earbuds where you can really get a bang for your buck, boasting 72 hours of play time (more than 300% the playtime of your average wireless headphone). These earbuds provide great sound quality,  and are very durable. Thanks to bluetooth 5.0, these earbuds provide effortless pairing; no more removing/adding a pair of headphones. Just like the Skullcandy these earbuds will come with multiple gel fits, so you will find the perfect fit for your ear. There are some rumors that compared to the Airpods the bass of these are non-existent, but I believe that boils down to personal preference. The price of these earbuds are $51.99 ($55.25 for the waterproof version) and currently available on Amazon. Click here to be re-directed to the buy page on Amazon.

Wireless Earbuds LiteXim


The LiteXim earbuds provides you with 16 hours of play time. These cheap alternative provide bass quality like no other. It comes equip with the 3D stereo technology, amplifying the sound and adjusting according the music being played that way there is always balance and never a need to adjust the volume. These earbuds are universal, working for all mobile devices currently on market, smart TVs and audiobooks. The price of these are $59.89 on Amazon, and can be bought by clicking here.

Many, many more….

There are so much more of these earbuds that can give you what you need without putting a dent in your wallet, however this article would be very long if I shared them all. I will be sure to include links to the bottom of this article of more alternatives. If your not yet a member of the newsletter I encourage you to click here, and join the family.

Why Buying A Current-Gen Console In 2019 Could Be A Bad Idea


Lets’ face it. Gaming consoles today aren’t the same as they were a decade ago. Companies like Microsoft has shifted their business model from strictly gaming, trying to encompass entertainment as a whole with their systems; increasing their consumer base from die-hard Halo fans to family households. Where as Sony has focused entirely on gaming, releasing some outstanding AAA titles throughout the years, from the PlayStation 3 to the current-gen PlayStation 4.  These to behemoths have been at it since the beginning of time, all while Nintendo has continued to faithfully adhere to their consumer base, focusing on handheld gaming systems, promising indie titles, and local play. All in all, consoles have been getting better at an exponential rate. With that being said, is it really safe to buy a new console in 2019?

Mostly everyone today owns one of the three consoles – Nintendo Switch, Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4- or owns all three. However, there are those weird few who have yet to get in on it. Whether the individuals in speaking, are indecisive on which one to buy, or they have a PC and refuse to purchase a console with stagnant performance capabilities. There are individuals in 2019 that will arrive late to the party, but now might not be the right time for them. If you really think of it, These console are ever changing, with new versions of the same model releasing almost every two years. Almost a decade and a half ago, the original Xbox was released in 2001. Consumers did not see a drastic change in he system until 2005, When Microsoft released the Xbox 360, which was a overall huge upgrade from the former.  The next major iteration – Xbox One – was released a whopping 8 years later. However recently the production of upgraded systems have been overhauled. Xbox One was released in 2013, then came the Xbox One S released in 2016 – 4k native for Blu-ray DVD and movies – and a year later, Xbox One X, with native 4k and HDR capabilities was released. Sony had less iterations of their console, but I think you get the gist of what I’m getting at.

With todays market, and how fast these console are popping out, the next iteration of the current-gen consoles can and most-likely will be made public later this year, and shipped worldwide to your local gaming retailer by holiday season of 2020. this is the honest truth. I don’t want you as a consumer to completely forget about getting a console though. If your are trying to buy a console in 2019, I don’t recommend doing that at full retail price. The current-gen will get marked down once the next-gen is announced and then again when they’re released.

I do recommend – if its’ a must – buying from a site like Ebay where you can find refurbished or used models from retailers for a discounted price. There will be links below to limited time deals on with free shipping on select consoles.


Amazon with promotional deals on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 , and Nintendo Switches.

We wil all most likely hear about the next-gen at this year’s E3 conference; I am looking forward to it. If you have any thoughts you would like to share please leave a comment and I will get back to you.