Wireless earbuds are a new wave a headphones that I consider truly wireless. You are probably familiar with this type of headphones as they are connected via Bluetooth with no wire running between each earbud nor to the device. Brands like Bose, Samsung and Apple, have made their own type of wireless earbuds, each average around $199. Earbuds are said to have incredibly long battery life and they come with a charging case that can recharge the buds twice over, meaning they will almost never need charge even after extensive use. Even though these headphones are exceptional  in quality they are expensive to say the least and you might be on edge about getting appear, especially if your not a millennial. However, if you are planning on buying the Galaxy S10, you might be in luck and get your self a free pair of earbuds. If you have no Interest in Samsung’s galaxy S10,  you should reconsider, due to free earbuds not being the only perk you’d be getting with the phone. For more information on additional features of the S10, click here to check out my earlier article detailing a big key feature of the S10. Yes, you can potentially earn yourself a pair of these headphones if you pre-order a Galaxy S10 when the option becomes available. Samsung is known for bestowing gifts to consumers who pre-order their products.