Spotify is a music streaming used by many people. The company makes money a number of ways, but the two ways they bring in the most is by paid subscribers and monetizing the stations with ads. The thing is that they’re plenty of users poaching off the free service by using ad blockers. To the user its no big deal, to them they can listen to their station ad free without paying $9.99 a month. This however, is big deal for Spotify because they are making a commission off those ads. It wouldn’t be noticable if it were a few users, but the number of users doing this is in the thousands and when it comes to monthly or quarterly audits, and they check the ratio of free users  to subscribe users,  the findings show a huge chunk of missing money from free users.Well turns out Spotify has had enough and wont take it anymore. They are taking a punitive approach to any user using ad blockers to get by. So it is highly advise that if you are doing this, stop or else your account will get suspended.

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