Technological advancements in photography has come along way. Currently DSLR cameras are the best known in the market, providing improved image/photo fidelity, reduced lag time, and steady focus, to reduce the blur in shaky photos. When DSLR camera was brought into the market, standard point-and-shoot and SLR cameras became a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the tech world is very unforgiving, and pretty soon, DSLR will be a thing of the past as well.


The production of mirrorless cameras is already underway with companies like Sony, Fujifilm, and Panasonic, already making up a huge chunk of the market. DSLR and mirrorless both provide better image quality, however the latter is mirrorless… meaning that there will be one less component that makes up a cameras nomenclature. To put it simply, the mirrorless camera will be more compacted; that’s a plus for professional photographers – shave a few ounces off that gig bag. Consequentially, these new cameras will also be produced with new proprietary lenses. If you had a complete set of lenses with your old camera, and you bought a mirrorless, you have to also purchase a new set of lenses. Not very cost effective to pros who literally spent thousands of dollars on that type of gear. Like I said before the tech industry can be unforgiving. Let me know your opinion on this topic. Click here To subscribe to our newsletter.